Hasidic Grapes

Hasidic Grapes is a relaxing Indica strain with an explosive grape flavor. This strain provides a euphoric experience that’s great for those late night sessions. You’ll love this fresh flower for its flavor and top-shelf quality.

Maui Wowie Cartridge Flavor
Maui Wowie Cartridge Effect
Maui Wowie Cannabis Cartridge
Lime Sorbet Cannabis Cartridge

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a unique Sativa strain with a fresh pine taste and spicy aroma. This strain provides an energetic experience meant to uplift you and bring creativity. This flower will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to roll. 

Lime Sorbet Cartridge Flavor
Lime Sorbet Cartridge Effects

Marshmallow OG

The Marshmallow OG is hard to put down because it's so delicious! The sweet vanilla hits perfectly, especially when combined with the well balanced Hybrid qualities. After a couple of hits this one might become your new favorite go-to. 

Orange Runtz Cartridge Flavor
Orange Runtz Cartridge Effects
Orange Runtz Cannabis Cartridge